Eliminating Grommet-to-Grommet Measurement

SAIL PLAN... No restrictions are made on materials. Insignia shall be a shovel, the dimensions and shape as prescribed on the grid plan. Official number shall be 10" in height, to be clearly legible on both sides of the sail...should not be back-to-back. Reinforcing of sail cloth shall not extend more than a 12" radius measured from behind the bolt rope at the three corners of the sail.

SAIL MEASURING...Sail shall be measured by spreading out on a smooth flat surface with battens in pockets and a 3 lb. pull on the leech. The leech shall be governed by measurement in a straight line from the top of the intersection of the luff immediately behind the bolt rope with the top of the headboard to the outboard extremity of the clew immediately above the bolt rope. Said measurement shall not exceed 12 ft. 2 inches for a sail measured for the first time and 12 ft. 2-3/4 inches for a sail previously measured.

Nominal length of luff = 10 ft. 11 inches

Nominal length of foot = 7 ft. 0 inches

HEADBOARD...4-½" (shall be right angles or less to luff and inboard extremity shall not exceed 1/2" in distance from the bolt rope).


  1. No more than two battens shall be used. While sailing, the leech end of each batten shall be located no further forward than one half inch from the leech. The upper batten shall be no longer than 26" and the lower batten shall be no longer than 30".

  2. The batten pockets shall not exceed two inches in width and shall not extend more than one inch forward of the maximum batten length. The pockets shall be spaced so as to divide the leech plus or minus one inch. Reinforcing for batten pockets shall not extend more than three inches forward of the batten pockets. No stiffening of the sail other than battens shall be allowed.

  3. The upper girth shall be no longer than 42" and the lower girth shall be no longer than 72". The girths are measured from the measurer's marks at the leech to the nearest point at the luff excluding the bolt rope. The measurer's marks are found by folding the leech into thirds: the head being defined as the upper, forward edge of the sail excluding the bolt rope and the clew being defined as the intersection of the foot and leech excluding the bolt rope.

Totally Dinghy Regatta 2021 photo by Susan Burden