Mainland El Toro racers competing in the 2019 North Americans at Kaneohe Yacht Club stage a photo op to thank Matson Lines for bringing our fleet to the islands.


Gordie Nash, President

Photo by Susan Burden


We are now planning the future, August 28-29, 2021 for Pinecrest Sailing.

If all goes well Lake Merritt, Lake Elizabeth, Foster City Lagoon and Richmond Yacht Club will open to friends, sailors, showers and most importantly, LAUNCHING!

It is time to get your El Toro back in the water. We are having the Mayor's Cup Race on Lake Merritt on June 27th, and we may be having a tune-up event in Half Moon Bay, or maybe a practice day at RYC. After June 15th all this may be possible.

After the Half Moon Bay Nationals the fall regattas remain as planned! Small boats usually need a facility for launching, gathering and parking. And there is the problem of the committee packed close together on a small start boat. So, big boat racing continued, on a small scale, because each big boat could leave from their berth, race and go back home. But small dinghy racing almost became extinct.