Spreaders: Jim DeWitt built a Toro mast with spreaders (jumper stays) and advocated for everyone to use this new innovation.

Mallory Cup: DeWitt was the first winner of this US Sailing Championship from the West Coast

in 1963, with a crew including Jocelyn Nash and Jacob VanHeeckeren.

B24 Liberator: There’s an airplane at the bottom of Huntington Lake. It took off    in December, 1943 from Hammer Field in Fresno, searching for another plane that had gone missing. Hydraulic problems caused the plane to attempt a ditch landing in the lake, where it broke in half on impact.

Trapeze: Jim DeWitt reportedly tried this on his El Toro.

Lake Merritt: Where DeWitt started his sailing career.

DeWitt Dinghy: Pioneering rotationally-molded dinghy roughly based on an El Toro

Mono: Easterly wind at Huntington Lake. Sailors take warning!

Flower Pot: An obscure DeWitt-designed dinghy

216: The number of the El Toro Jim DeWitt built at age 16

Fiasco: Infamous race around several islands

Tradition: All those classic Huntington reaches

Grand Tour: Random-Leg racing High Sierra style