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in addition to the wording of your ad.

This is a FREE service offered to ETIYRA members and non-members to help promote the El Toro Class.


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Commercial Sales

Items Wanted

Used For Sale

Boat Builders  Boats Wanted Used Boats For Sale
Builders of Parts
Spars, Centerboards, Rudders, Boat Lettering
Boats Parts, Sails & Miscellaneous Wanted  Boat Parts, Sails & Miscellaneous For Sale
Sail Makers Charters ***new***
Offers of boats to be chartered and people looking for El Toros to charter
Sailors Wanted  

Sailors Wanted


Building New Fleet


Sail Makers

Amen Design Group

Web Site: http://www.amensails.com

Basic sail:   $525
With window:     +$20
With radial clew:     +$35
Hull cover:    $315
Mast bag:     $95
Blade bag:    $130
Trunk caddy:      $115
Top cover   
w/mast sleeve:   
2015 Prices
All sales are subject to CA state sales tax at 7.75% FOB Petaluma.

1200 Eastman Lane, Petaluma, CA  94952
(707) 762-9771      (707) 765-4660 (fax)

Email:  sailamen@sonic.net

Pineapple Sails

Kame Richards
2526 Blanding Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501 USA

website: http://www.pineapplesails.com

Email: info@pineapplesails.com

Boat Builders

Moore Sailboats 
Call about our new Carbon Fiber Masts, Booms and Foils
143 Grove Street, Watsonville, CA  95076
(831) 763-0196     (831) 763-2384 (fax)

Email: mboats@pacbell.net

S.R. Smith Composite Concepts (fiberglass)
Steve Smith

Now back in production of new El Toro hulls!
A spec boat will available soon to the first person to put down a deposit. There will
be more hulls available soon as production dictates.

John Amen has been racing one of these hulls for 8 years and they are proven winners!

4861 Squaw Hollow Court
Placerville, CA  95667
(530) 626-5511
Email: srssmith@earthlink.net


Darrell Sorensen
(559) 665-2690

My wood El Toro hulls are made in a female mold using 6mm okoume plywood for the bottom, sides
and transoms. The side air tanks and deck are made from 4mm okoume plywood. The seams are
filleted and glassed on the inside. The first boat weight 50 pounds with the dagger board trunk and thwart
installed, but without deck and deck framing. My customer is finishing her. His granson will be sailing
the boat at Lake Merritt, look for the natural wood El Toro sail #11931. Here is the pricing for
my wood El Toro hulls. I have it in 3 stages so the do-it-yourselfer can save money.

Stage 1:
Bare Hull (just out of the mold) It comes with the air tanks installed.
It includes the parts to complete the hull. Included are: Dagger board trunk and thwart parts.
Deck framing, mast step parts, deck, keel strip and rub rails. $900

Stage 2:
All of the above, but with the dagger board trunk and thwart installed. Also included in
4 oz. fiberglass cloth to cover the bottom and sides. $1100

Stage 3:
A complete hull with all parts installed. Bottom or bottom & sides are glassed, the rest is sealed
with epoxy. All finishing and painting to be done by the customer. $1500

Foil blanks:
Flat, edge glued sitka spruce or with spruce/mahagany combination. 5/8" thick.
Ready for the customer to hand fair and finish.

Dagger board $50
Rudder $40 (tiller handle $10)

Sitka spruce spars: Boom $125
Mast - I would recommend using a carbon fiber
mast to be competitive. If you insist on wood, I can build one.


Builders of Spars, Centerboards, Rudders

Vahalla Signworks

Victoria Colella


I own a wooden El Toro #7756. I also have a business in Sausalito-Valhalla Signworks-Boat Lettering. Contact me for more information.

Stingray Composites

Toby Ingrey
1661 Zaldia Dr., Minden, NV 89423 (775) 790-4283


Carbon Fiber Mast $1200
Mast comes with carbon fiber luff groove and goose neck. Halyard ferrule and lock.
There will be a basic mast step bonded in the base of the mast. May need adjusting to fit your mast step.

Carbon Boom $350
Boom comes with carbon fiber Goose Neck. 2 Harken 40 T2 main sheet blocks.
1 Harken 28 T2 JC block. Spectra Vang attachment. Outhauls system upon customer request.
This can also be made with a small luff to suit mm luff tape.

Racelite South Coast Inc .

Great Source for Stainless Steel Boat parts, goosenecks etc.
16518 Broadway (PO Box 370076)
Maple Heights, OH 44137
Tel: 216-581-4600  --  Fax: 216-663-7095


Used Boats For Sale
Ads over 1 year old will be deleted unless renewed by the sender.

Sailnetics 11199 - El Toro MKIII for sale (Redding, CA)
Brian McGihon 530-222-7672, 530-227-0643
email: mcgihon.brian@gmail.com

This one owner boat was purchased from Speedsailing in Alameda in 1989 for $925 +tax . They called it the EL Toro MKIII. The order form reads Gray racing El Toro, hull only, stiffened bottom. These boats had a issue with the mast step cracking. The step on this boat has been strengthened and has shown no problems since. Spars are made from Sitka spruce by Healy/Silva and in great condition. I made the mahogany blades. Comes with two Jotz sails ,one almost new, cut for the mast bend of 1 1/4 in. F.A.

View Photo   View Photo   View Photo  


Posted 05/14/2019

Caballero El Toro - hull number 10731 located in Sacramento CA
Pierce Burton
email: pierceburton1@gmail.com

1600$ caballero el toro hull number 10731 in Sacramento ca has carbon fiber mast 2 sails 2 sets of blades (one wooden one moore set) will sell the blade separately as well. Ready to race.

View Photo  


Posted 05/11/2019

Boats for sale, listed here get great results
send in your FREE ads today:

Boat Parts, Sails & Miscellaneous Wanted
Ads over 1 year old will be deleted unless renewed by the sender.

Need Tiller ,Rudder, and Dagger Board (will pay for cost and shipping)
Stephen Ferguson 419-508-2185
email: stfdsf4@gmail.com

Rescued boat number 5118 from life as a yard decoration,but need Tiller ,Rudder, and Dagger Board. Could someone trace the above items and send them I would pay all cost.

Posted 07/21/2020

El toro boom, dagger board & rudder (Bellingham, WA)
Angelo Tsou 360-550-8882
email: angelo@compuman.us

1. Boom - is missing the part that connects to mast so only $50
2. Dagger board - $50
3. Rudder - $125
4. ***I have a sail for it but I have to find it. Last I saw it was in great condition and in a nylon bag. Make offer ***Get all 3 boom, dagger board & rudder for $200

View Photo

Posted 03/03/2020

Looking for a used sail for a non racer.
Will pay for shipping and handling to the southeast US

Gordon Hunter
email: gordonhunter@gmail.com

Posted 03/03/2020

Boats Wanted
El Toro to Teach My Kids How to Sail
Name: Gerard gkuperus@hotmail.com


Looking for an older El Toro to teach my kids how to sail. It doesn't have to be fancy, but should be sailable. I am in the SF Bay Area (Marin).

Posted: 05/19/2020


Trailer for My 2 El Toros
Name: Gail Cafferata revgailc@att.net


Trailer for my 2 El Toros, or a trailer for one. Located in SF Bay Area.

Posted: 04/27/2020


Ads over 1 year old will be deleted unless renewed by the sender.
Boats in Good Condition
Name: Petaluma Small Craft Center (707) 293-3685

The Petaluma Small Craft Center (PSCC) runs summer Introduction to Sailing Camps for kids in northern California. Your donation of boats in good condition (fiberglass construction preferred) as well as masts, booms and other boat components, will help our nonprofit upgrade our existing fleet of loved but overworked El Toros. Please contact Greg Sabourin, Executive Director, at (707) 293-3685 or by email, at gjsabourin@aol.com.


El Toro # 1376 and #87
Name: Cliff Johnson (530) 342-1665

I'm looking for El Toro #1386 and #87. #1386 was my boat in the 60's and #87
was my friends. Both boats were in Marin County California and were the founding
member's boats of the Greenbrae Sailing Club in 1961/62. Would love to find them and buy them back.
Please call when any information.


El Toro # 3236
Name: Mark Dickenson (703) 861-9131

I'm looking for #3236. The boat was passed down through 4 brothers and each won
the Corkscrew Slough race around Peet's Harbor in 1960-1970. It was painted with Interlux
International Orange. Many other races and fun sailing was done at Coyote Point YC.
Would love to get the boat back. Please call if you have any information.


El Toro # 8081
Name: Spencer Mackenzie
Email: spencer.mackenzie@verizon.net

I'm looking for #8081. I bought this boat new in the SF Bay Area when I was
13 back in 1971. She was white fiberglass hull with yellow stripe. Sold it in 1973 in
the Dallas Texas area and would love to buy her back.
Please email me if you have any information.


El Toro # 2158 or 2159
Name: Rich Carlson
Email: rich@richcarlson.com
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

I'm looking for either boat number 2158 or 2159. This is a wooden boat made from a kit by
Basin Boat Craft of Oakland, CA. Hull is painted white on the outside and varnished interior.
My Dad and I put this together in the late 1950's, so I would like to get it back!
Please email me if you have any information.

(or in non-nautical terms "rentals")
Posted below are people looking to charter an El Toro Yacht for an event or for a period of time
and offers of boats to be chartered

Listings of boats offered for charter: You should include a description of the boat and any restriction on age or skill level of who you'd allow to sail your boat. Include length of time, event and/or venue that you are offering your boat. Include cost of charter.

Listing of boats wanted to charter: You should include a description of the type of boat wanted, i.e. basic, self-rescue, race rigged, etc. Include age (if under 18) and skill level of the person who will be sailing the El Toro. Include length of time, event and/or venue that the boat is requested. Include price you are willing to pay for charter.

Week long charters for Junior Sail Camp are recommended $100 charter fee.

El Toro charters, including the price, damage liability and boat transportation, are completely the responsibility of the two parties. We only serve to help people connect. It is recommended that the boat owner and the charterer make a written contract.

El Toro charter wanted in August at Huntington Lake, CA
Name: Hays Clark
Email: haysclark+eltoro@gmail.com

Seeking El Toro in good condition, ideally with a dolly to be used for Opti coaching and casual family sailing (not racing).
I would be open to chartering/demoing boat from someone that is interested in selling their El Toro.

Posted 2/4/2019

Ads over 6 months old will be deleted unless renewed by the sender.

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