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Regatta:  El Toro Stampede
Date: October 11 & 12, 2003
Location: Richmond Yacht Club, CA
Contact Person:
More Information:

Richmond Y. C. El Toro Stampede Results
22 Seniors 11 Juniors

El Toro Team Racing Saturday
4 teams/ 4 races
Team 2 = 3 wins and one tie

Bruce Bradfute RYC - Pierce Burton RYC - Mike Quinn

2 Stampede races Sunday

Senior Division:
1st Fred Paxaton RYC
2nd John Pacholski
3rd Dan Mills
4th Larry Burton SSC
5th Vickie Gilmour RYC
6th Art Lange
7th Bruce Bradfute RYC
8th Vaughn Seifers RYC
9th Peter Blasberg
10th Chris Nash RYC

Junior Division
1st Max Fraser RYC
2nd Russell Schuldt RYC
3rd David Eva RYC
4th Pierce Burton RYC
5th Izzy Zingale RYC
6th David Backett RYC
7th Gina Knox RYC
8th Allison Heckman RYC
9th Noah Jones RYC
10th Andrew Egelston RYC

Bull Throwers race
4 weight divisions - Fly weight up to 100 lbs
Light weight 101-150 - Middle weight 150-180
Heavy weight 181 and up
Division winners
Fly wt = Russell Schuldt
Light wt = Art Lang
Middle wt = Fred Paxton
Heavy wt = Vaughn Seifers
Bull Throwers Sweepstakes 4 weight division winners
Overall winner = Fly weight Russell Schuldt