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Regatta: John Amen Open
Date: April 12, 2003
Location: Richmond Yacht Club
Richmond, California
Contact Person: Gordie Nash or
John Amen
More Information:
Morning- Seminar-
"How to sail the Bullship Race"
-by John Amen
Afternoon- Marathon Sail to replace the
"Flight of the Bulls" regatta

Information about:
Cancellation of Flight of the Bulls Regatta
John Amen Open


I was just contacted by Foster City Parks and Recreation.

Due to major construction (laying piping) in the Foster City Lagoon and channels,

The Flight of the Bulls will   NOT be held this year, 2003.....  The race will be held 2004 and hopefully every year after.

I have talked to John Amen.  April 12th.  He and Richmond YC are hosting a seminar for how to sail the bullship.   This will be at RYC in the morning.   John Amen, RYC, and I will be then having a marathon sail (Flight of the Bulls) after this seminar.

Mary Morrill, Greg Morrill and Patriot Patrol intend upon hosting the normal food fest that is part of flight of the bulls.

Please one and all, spread the word and come on Saturday April 12th to RYC for the Amen seminar and [replacement regatta] for Flight of the Bulls.

But under no circumstances come on "the day before Mother's Day" to Foster City, cause the race has been cancelled by Foster City.

Greg Morrill  11770