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Summer & Fall Series at
Lake Elizabeth

Summer Series Dates:

June 29 Sunday

July 20 Sunday

Aug 17 Sunday

Fall Series Dates:

Sept 7 Sunday

Sept 21 Sunday

Oct 5 Sunday, 2003

Location: Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, CA
Contact Person: jordan_roy_s@hotmail.com or phone at 408 735-8765).
More Information: The Fremont Sailing Club is inviting all dinghy sailors to come and join the summer and fall series of racing at Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, C


11:30 AM skippers meeting

12 AM start (normal start depending on wind condition for possible delay)


$7.00 CITY REQUIRED launch fee for daily lake use (Updated fee increase) 

AND race registration:

$10.00 per race OR $25.00 for 3 race series

OR $36.00 per year for remainder of the year.


Included in the registration fee, Baseball Steak food after the races, start and awards for any fleet of 3 boats or more, any dinghy may enter, as there is an open start with Portsmouth rating for additional boats.


The lake is rather shallow however the dredging is complete and the entire like is open for racing.  Suggested types of dinghy’s: El Toro, Lido 14, FJ, JY15, Snipe, Sun, lightning, thistle, Dewitt Dinghy, sunfish, Millimeter, Collegiate FJ, Laser, Byte, Pelican, Tern, Vagabond/Hobi, etc.  Basically any dinghy with less than a 5’ draft.  Juniors are encouraged to participate.


jordan_roy_s@hotmail.com or phone at 408 735-8765).