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Regatta: Hawaii State & Region V El Toro Championships
Date: September 13, 2003
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Hawaii 53 Annual Bullship Regatta
Date: September 14, 2003
Location: Kaneohe Yacht Club
More Information:


 Held September 13 at Kaneohe Yacht Club.
 Six Races sailed on Kaneohe Bay.

 Results as follows:

 Senior Division

1    Yal Lim
2 Jesse Andrews
3 Mark Denzer
4 Keith Leitzke
5 Guy Fleming

 Junior Division


     Martin Sterling
2 Ian Andrewes
3 Drew Robb
4 Sean Doyle
5 Allen Sterling
6 Ian Lim
7 Phil Greene
8 Jackson Cook
9 Randy Wong
10 Hikare Tanoue
11 Nicholas Johnson
12 Nathan Pablo
13 Justin Doyle
14 Rinchen Harrison
15 Gabriela Johnson
16 Jennifer Proctor
17 Chris Cervantes
18 Dylan Ale
19 Ian Towill
20 Lance Miller

53 Annual Bullship Regatta

 The 53rd Annual Bullship was held on Sunday, September 14, 2003.  The
 Bullship is one race, sailed in either direction from Kaneohe Yacht Club,
 around Coconut Island (Moku O Loe) and back.
 The results are as follows:

 Junior Division -  35 entries

 Fastest Overall - Ian Andrewes
 Youngest Racer - Dylan Ale
 Fastest Wahine - Tahnee Allman
 Half Fast - Michael Buelsing
 Tail End Charlie - Nathan Pablo

 Age groups:

 Under 12
      First - Allen Sterling
      2nd - Dylan Ale
      3rd - Nicholas Johnson
 13-15 years old
      First - Ian Andrewes
      2nd - Martin Sterling
      3rd - Ian Lim
      4th - Sean Doyle
 16 -18 years old
      First - Roscoe Fowler
      2nd - William Pochereva
      3rd - Chris Hossellman

Senior Division

 Fastest Overall - Yal Lim
 Oldest Racer - David Brown
 Fastest Wahine - Jennifer Warnock
 Half Fast - Rich McCreedy
 Fastest Over 50 - Keith Leitzke
 Fastest Woodie - Jesse Andrews
 Most Hulis - John Fitzpatrick
 Tail End Charlie - Todd Erickson and Buffy Cushman

 Weight Divisions:

under 149 lbs.
      First - Ian Andrewes  
           As winner of the Junior Bullship Ian is invited to
           sail with the Seniors in their race.  He placed 
           second overall in the Senior Division.
      2nd - Jennifer Warnock
      3rd - Pat Hascall
 150 - 179 lbs.
      First - Jesse Andrews
      2nd - Tom Pochereva
      3rd - Keith Leitzke
 180 - 209 lbs.
      First  - Yal Lim
      2nd - Phil Greene
      3rd - Rich McCreedy
     4th - Andrew Johnson
 210 lbs. and up
      First - Guy Fleming
      2nd - Brook Nottage
      3rd - Dan Doyle
      First - Harold and Lars Sydow
      2nd - John and Jacquelin Sterling
     3rd - Sara Reed and Matt Stine